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After an eventful, yet positive year we are in a position to re ect on the strong growth that has carried us through some testing times and left us looking forward to another exciting chapter as we bring you the 2019 edition of the Pacto Villas and Resorts Collection.

Starting 2018 with a new logo and a new outlook, our mission during our 52nd year has been to cement our role as a leading ambassador of Indonesian tourism to the world, developing new markets as we consolidate those that have supported us so well over the years.

Indonesia’s international branding as one of the world’s favourite tourism destinations continued to build through the year, remaining strong in the face of occasionally severe natural events and ensuring that the expansion of infrastructure to accommodate increased demand remains one of the nation’s highest priorities.

With Bali’s new airport now fully operational, the number of ights has increased exponentially, bringing ever more visitors to Indonesia’s traditional tourism jewel, while also ensuring a healthy demand for newer destinations throughout the archipelago as return visitors continued their search for more distant shores.

Growing too is the demand for ocean cruise facilities, with the development of new port areas and the simpli cation of procedures well underway as Indonesia welcomes more and more of this expanding sector.

As Pacto grows in size, we continually remind ourselves that we have a responsibility to our neighbours, our nation, and our future generations to ensure that we minimize our carbon footprint and balance consumption with using renewable sources. That is why in 2019 we pledge to direct our growth in sustainable ways. As an expansion from last year’s Green initiatives, this year will see these commitments implemented throughout our network of destinations, instilling sustainable practices everywhere we operate.

We remain committed to those European sectors that have supported us so well over the years, and while our newly emerging markets of India, Russia and the Middle East continue to grow in the traditional destinations, our regional neighbours are now established visitors to the wider areas of Indonesia and their demand continues to fuel expansion in new markets.

Cultural tourism remains strong, with renewed commitment at a national level to regional identity and the preservation of traditional values, customs and languages. This, together with the growth in demand for marine tourism and activities, ensures that our outlook for 2019 is positive and uplifting, and we are excited to once again showcase the very best of Indonesia for our honoured guests.