About Us
Operating since 1967, Pacto has an outstanding track record in comprehensive MICE services.
Whether your company requires exclusive VIP arrangements for a gathering of top executives or a precision program for thousands of convention delegates, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive experience in the field equips us with the skills to expertly tailor our performance to your company’s requirements.

Proven Performance
With Pacto as your travel partner your company has the same trusted team that coordinated over 14,000 delegates attending the 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference as well as the high profile delegates to the 2013 APEC conference. Your clients too will experience the ultimate in seamless organization, technical preparation and security protocol. Our nationwide network guarantees the consistency of service so essential to client satisfaction.

The prestige of your company’s image is of the utmost importance to us.
We provide access to personalization services that put your company logo at the forefront of quality creative applications. Welcome banners, flower arrangements and personalized glassware are just some of the ways your company image can be integrated throughout your stay. Pacto’s complete attention to detail also extends into the media world; our company has excellent relationships with local media outlets in both the Indonesian and English languages. At Pacto we help convey your special message to your chosen audience.

Successful MICE events strike the optimum balance between leisure and work.
Pacto brings the time tested, reliable capability to arrange the very best – whether relaxing excursions, cultural activities, professional workshops, or exciting team building events. We also provide top notch financial and business services. We at Pacto pride ourselves on the very highest level of responsiveness to your requests; situations can change at a moment’s notice and we always stand ready to accommodate.

Award Winning Service
As winners of the Best Professional Conference Organizer at the Indonesia MICE Awards 2013, Pacto’s record of satisfaction is your guarantee. We aim to achieve your absolute satisfaction when selecting the perfect type of accommodation and venue for your needs. Pacto’s multilingual team of dedicated local and expat staff efficiently coordinate programs for guests of any nationality. Our experts continuously fine-tune the details; last minute changes and adjustments are all part of their everyday commitment to your satisfaction. With Pacto you will receive true VIP treatment enjoying special services and events like dedicated luxury car service, yacht cruises through Indonesia’s marine paradise, gala sunset dinners on the tropical seaside, world class entertainment and fashion shows featuring cutting edge designs and stunning models.

Socially Responsible
Supporting preservation of the spectacular environment of Indonesia is integral to our company’s philosophy, daily operations and future success. We continuously update our CSR programs to ensure that we give back to our communities and practice sustainability. Pacto features a fascinating range of culturally and environmentally focused activities that provide opportunities to join with us in unique experiences that often become the very heart of the journey