Makan Bajamba Tour (Culinary Tour)

4 Days / 4 Nights

Upon arrival at the airport you will be met by one of our experience guide in the arrivals hall and privately transferred to your hotel.

Breakfast at hotel, and then continue with 1 hour drive to Lembah anai waterfall for your first destination. These waterfalls located on the side of the highway, this waterfall is perfect destination for the first tour in West Sumatra. Afterward, continue to Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Kebudayaan Minangkabau (Information center of Minangkabau Culture). In Here you can get some information about the culture of Minangkabau. Inside the museum we can see a collection of photos, writings, and an item about the minagkabau nature and culture. If you want, you can take a picture using Minangkabau Traditional Clothes in here. Next program is lunch time, Lunch will be providing at Pak Datuk Restaurant. Pak Datuk Restaurant is the perfect place for start your culinary tour at West Sumatra. They have a many special dishes like Ikan bilis (fry anchovies), Rendang (Spicy Meat), ayam pop (Chicken Steam), and other special dishes. After lunch we will goes to Pandai Sikek the Crafts and weaving center. Afterward continue to Bika (Hell cake) Home Industry. Bika is a traditional snack made from rice flour and cook in the between of two fire, that’s why local people called bika as a hell cake. In here you can see how people have made the cake and you have an opportunity to taste this cake. Afterward continue your journey to bukittinggi by passing through the Ngarai Sianok. You can take pictures of this scenery from the beautiful canyon scenery which draws many photographers and painters use this scenery as their object. The next destination is Jam Gadang at Bukittinggi. Jam Gadang is an icon of Bukittinggi, This 26 meter tall clock was built in 1826 as a present from the Dutch Queen to the city secretary, Rook Maker. Near from Jam gadang, we will visit Pasar atas for shopping time. After shopping, transfer to hotel in Bukittinggi and continue with check in process. In dinner time, meet with our guide at the lobby and we will provide your dinner at Itik Lado Mudo. This is the most delicious and happening food in Bukittinggi. The combination of itik (duck) with green chilies will make a great taste in your mouth. Very recommend for spicy lover. Afterward back to hotel for spend your night.

Breakfast at hotel, check out process and continue the program to visit Tabek Patah. On the way to Tabek Patah you will see the overlay of paddy field and many local merchant who sell traditional beverages namely Kopi Kawa Daun. Make a stop at Kiniko Home industry to try Kopi Kawa Daun and Pisang Sale. Kopi Kawa daun is a traditional coffee made from the leaf of Coffee tree and pisang sale is a traditional snack made from Banana. Continue the trip to Pagaruyung Palace. This place is a royal palace, or also called istana of the former Pagaruyung Kingdom. This palace was built in the traditional Minangkabau Rumah Gadang vernacular architectural style, there is a number of typical elements including three stories structure and larger dimension compares to common rumah gadang. After tour at Pagaruyung palace we will try the rituals of “Makan Bajamba”. Makan bajamba (from the Minangkabau language) is a procession of eating by sitting on the floor together in the Minangkabau tradition. Literally, Makan bajamba has a good philosophy; It brings a sense of togetherness regardless of the status of its people. Makan bajamba is often held during traditional festivals or important meetings. The food to be served in Makan bajamba is typical minangkabau food with a variety of menus. The food will be served in a small dish, then taken with a tray and served in front of the guests, and they are allowed to choose the food they like. The food to be served in Makan bajamba is typical minangkabau food with a variety of menus. The food will be served in a small dish, then taken with a tray and served in front of the guests, and they are allowed to choose the food they like. Before Makan bajamba begins, usually guests will be shown a traditional Minangkabau art along with a wise advice from traditional leaders. After procession of Makan Bajamba we will continue our trip to Padang via Danau Singkarak (the largest lake in West Sumatra) and make a stop at Sate Mak Syukur (Beef Satay). Sate Padang made from a selected beef, cut into small pieces, stabbed into the puncture, grilled and served with rice cake and spicy sauce on top of it. After Sate Mak Syukur, drive to Hotel in downtown of Padang. In dinner time, meet with our guide at lobby hotel and we will provide your dinner at Nelayan Seafood, the best seafood restaurant in Padang. Afterward back to hotel for your accommodation.

Breakfast at hotel, in appropriated time meet with our guide and continue with direct transfer to Padang airport.