Flores Overland Trail

5 Days / 4 Nights

Upon arrival at the Labuan Bajo airport you will be met by one of our representative in the arrivals hall and privately transferred to Ruteng. On the way to ruteng we will stop at Cancar Village. To reach The Cancar Village, you need to pass through several nature attractions like hills, mountains, and trees. That means your trip is going to be comfortable and fun. Upon arrival in Cancar, you can enjoy many attractions. The best one is the spider web rice field, which appears unique and attractive. If you come in February, the rice field appears green and stunning and the farmer may harvest the paddy in May. The gusty wind blows those plants beautifully; just like a paddy can do a dance. We can also, see the farmers gather in the fields for working. The combination of these features is somehow attractive and pleasing. After the Spider web, the program continues to Ruteng Pu’u and we will explore the village. Ruteng Pu’u Village is a traditional village with traditional compang in the centre of village for ceremonies and rituals. In the village you can interact with the local people and see the traditional houses and their cultural charm of ceremonies. In the late afternoon arriving in Ruteng and check in at Wisma Bunda Maria (simple accommodation) for your accommodation. Lunch served en-route at Local restaurant and dinner served at Wisma Bunda Maria.

Wake up and get your simple breakfast in guesthouse. Check out and visit the local market who sells fruit, vegetables, fish and many others. Proceed to Bajawa with en-route stop at Ranamese Lake. Ranamese is ideal for those who want to explore the highlands by trekking and is a perfect place for bird watching. Ranamese Lake is situated in the middle of forest, surrounded by a lush vegetation of mosses, scrubs, tropical woods, and water plants. Please don’t forget to bring a jacket due the weather is quite cold. Afterward, our program will continue with approximately 6 hours drive to Ngada regency and visit to Aimere. This village has known as the traditional palm wine maker in Flores, Local people call this palm wine as a “sopi” or “moke”. This drink is made by the distillation of local palm wine with a traditional way. Our guide will give you an experience of wine tasting if you want. You can taste it and we will see how this unique delicacy is made in traditional ways. If you want, you can buy the palm wine with the range price of IDR 25,000 – 50,000 / Bottled. Afterward, proceed to Bajawa and check in at Bintang Wisata Hotel (simple hotel). Lunch served en-route at Local restaurant and dinner served at hotel.

Breakfast at hotel, check out process and then continue the journey for visiting Wawomudha Crater Lake. Wawomudha is a new lake formed by a small eruption of the Inerie Mountain. Arrive at the parking area of Wawomudha, we will walk to the lake crater and it takes 30 minutes. The panorama during the journey to the crater is a row of pine and a cypress trees. Arriving at the crater of Wawomudha, there is only 2 words worth to saying, beautiful and amazing. In here you will see 3 small craters that have a variety of colors when the crater is full of water, and this often happens when the rainy season arrives. When drought you will only see the crater with red water, but it’s still worth to visit. Escorted back to the car and continue the trip to Moni with en-route stop Bena Megalithic Village. Bena, a community that is situated about 16 km from Bajawa at the foot of Mount Inerie, is the most famous and also most visited village in the Ngada district. With its impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines, as well as traditional houses, Bena has turned into a signpost for Ngada culture. Visitors can buy locally crafted ikat, or tie-dyed woven cloth, in Bena. The sarong, which is a large tube of woven cloth, is often worn wrapped around the waist, both by men and women. The next destination after Bena is Boawae village. Kampung Boawae is a cultural site that features cultural heritage objects such as: traditional house, Sa’o Meze, Peo, and the tomb of King Boawae. At the Boawae village we will visit the building named Heda (local museum) which is used as a place to store ancient and Ja Heda is a wooden engraving shaped like a horse and believed to be a symbol of strength by local people. In the middle of the village we will see Peo which is a symbol of unity. After Boawae, visit Wolotopo traditional village as our last destination before our transfer to Moni Eco Lodge. you will escorted by our guide to Taking a stroll around the village, and you will see the local daily activities such as ikat weaving, which is practiced by almost every house. Afterward, proceed to Moni and check in at Moni Eco Lodge. Lunch served en-route at Local restaurant and dinner served at hotel.

Early wake up and leave the hotel for your exciting tour of Kelimutu three color lake. Arrive at parking area; we will continue the trip with a 30-minute walk through a lush forest full of birdsong, before entering the lake area. Arrive at the view point, you will enjoy the tri-colored crater lakes, and it’s probably the most amazing natural phenomenon in Flores. Over the years, the three crater lakes have often changed color. At present, one of the lakes is black-brown, one is green, and one is currently changing from green to a reddish color. A reason may be the varying mineral contents of the water. Another explanation suggests that the changing colors are caused by the neglected ancestral souls. Afterward, return to hotel and enjoy your breakfast. Check out process and drive to Ende for your next accommodation. On the way to Ende we will stop at Saga Village for your next destination. Kampung Saga offers cultural charm and natural beauty around the village. Arriving in the village you will be greeted with friendly smiles from the local people. Our guests will climb the stairs to Dala Wolo House which is considered sacred by the community. In the middle of the journey, you will find the tomb Kaki Nggali. This figure is special for local people because he’s considered as warlords who defend Saga from the enemy attack. On the top of village, you will see the house belongs to Dala Wolo, the founding of Kampung Saga. In addition to Dala Wolo’s house, you will also see a beautiful panorama of Muru Wena Waterfall from the view point. Walking down, and say goodbye to the villagers and take a car for your accommodation in Ende and check in at Grand Wisata Hotel. Lunch served en-route at Local restaurant and dinner served at hotel.

At leisure until transfer to the airport for your flight back to Bali. Lunch served en-route at Local restaurant.