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Lombok is often compared to Bali. In reality however the island is very different from its weserly sister in culture, religion, language and landscape. If Bali is famous with the 1,000 temples, Lombok island is well known with the 1,000 mosques.

This island is part of the Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) with Mataram as the capital city. Sasak is the majority ethnic group besides the Buginese, Javanese, Balinese and Arabs.

Lombok Packages

4 Days / 3 Nights

Day 1: Airport / Tour / Senggigi (BL)
Upon arrival at the airport you will be met by one of our experience guide in the arrivals hall and privately transferred to Mayura Temple. In Sanskrit, Mayura means Peacock. The park built by Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem in 1744 was originally named Taman Kalepug which means the sound of water fall in the lake. The name of this park turned into mayura because at that time many snakes in this park area. To reduce snake populations, they decided to bring in peacocks from the Palembang area to eat the snake. Now peacocks are no longer there, all that remains is the reliefs of the Peacock that increasingly convince that the legend of snakes and peacocks exist. Afterward, short drive to Pura meru, the largest of Hindu temple in Lombok. This temple built in 1720; it’s dedicated to the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. We will be invited to surround the 3 temples contained here. The three temples also represent three mountains considered sacred by Hindus; Pura Brahma represents Gunung Agung in Bali, Shiva Temple representing Mount Rinjani in Lombok, and Pura Wishnu which is represented by Mount Semeru in East Java. After Meru temple, our journey continues with 1 hour drive to Narmada Garden. Narmada Park was built by Raja Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem in 1727 AD. The name of this park is taken from a sacred river in India, the river Narmanadi. This park is made as a miniature of Mount Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak. The last destination before your hotel transfer is a Lingsar temple. This temple was built in 1714 and rebuilt in 1878 to symbolize the harmony and unity between Balinese Hindus and Sasak Muslims. In the temple area there are four main buildings, namely Pura Gaduh, Kemaliq, Pesiraman and persimbangan Bhatara Bagus Balian, and Lingsar Wulon. The Pura Lingsar, is a Hindu holy place where the Hindus and Moslem come to do their respective religious rituals. For example, Some Moslem are frequently take a pray at Kemalik building and no Hindus have ever been offended by it. Afterward drive to Senggigi for your accommodation. Lunch served en-route at local restaurant.

Day 2: FD Gili Air Tour (BL)
Breakfast at hotel, Leave the hotel and drive to Bangsal harbor for your speedboat trip to Gili Air. Our Snorkeling guide will escorted you to the good spots where you can snorkel from the beach. Try almost anywhere along the east coast where the fringing reef is fairly healthy and close offshore. Be careful walking in the shallow waters, there are a lot of sea urchins in amongst the sea grass. Please note, the coral reef is a sensitive ecosystem. When you are snorkeling, please swim rather than walk over the shallow reef. After Snorkeling you can walk around the whole of Gili Air in about 90 minutes. The circular walk around Gili Air is very pleasant indeed. The highlight for many would be the awe-inspiring views of massive Mount Rinjani towering over Lombok. After enjoy the Gili Air, we will back to the jetty, and then boating back to the Bangsal Harbor. Get in to your car and transfer back to your hotel in Senggigi area. Lunch served en-route at local restaurant.

Day 3: FD Sasak Tour (BL)
Breakfast at hotel; leave the hotel for our tour to the southern part of Lombok. Our first destination is visit Sukarara Weaving Village and reaching by the car with 1 hour drive. Sukarara Village is the name of a lovely little village and is one of the traditional craft of weaving center located in Lombok. In Sukarara village you may find a local people work as a weaver. The men usually weave for tenun ikat (string weave) while the women usually weave for tenun songket (weave which usually embroidered with gold /silver threads). If you want to buy weaved cloth from this village, the price is vary, from IDR 50,000 scarf to IDR 4,000,000 weaved-cloth. If you’re curious to see the weaving process, you can ask the weaver to get tips & trick and try to weaving if you want it. The next destination is visiting Sasak Village Sade, One of Lombok’s colorful traditional village. The sasak tribe is a native of Lombok. There are currently hundreds of people living in this village and no outsiders from the sasak tribe live in this village. there are unique rituals in this village, to marry a woman here, the men have to kidnap it And if the kidnapping is success, the discussions between the parties continue, leading to the wedding ceremony. If the guests come at the right time, the guests will be presented with a wide range of arts and cultures typical of the Sasak Tribe like Gendang Beleq, Petuk Dance, Tari Amaq Tempengus and that I found most interesting is Peresehan (The rattan sticks battle). After Sasak trip, we will continue with a short drive to Kuta Beach of Lombok and get your own time for beach activity. Kuta Beach is identical with one of the most famous beaches in Bali, but actually if you think that Kuta Beach in Bali is so beautiful, then you will get stunned when you reach the Kuta Beach Lombok. When you have reached Kuta Beach Lombok, you can choose various beach activities like snorkeling, surfing, or simply sit on the beach to tan the skin or watch then sunset. After beach activity, get in your car and drive back to Senggigi area for your accommodation. Lunch served en-route at lunch box.

Day 4: Hotel / Airport (B)
Breakfast at hotel, at the appropriate time, transfer to the airport for your onward flight.