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Lombok aids from Pacto and Bali Prima Holidays

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Responding to the earthquake of 7.0 magnitudes that hit Lombok last August 5th, 2018 causing extensive damages of collapsing buildings in some areas of the island, Pacto Ltd Indonesia through their two branch offices in Bali has organizing a support mission for the refugees whom for safety reason had to be evacuated in the emergency tents outside their homes.

On August 11th, 2018, Pacto Inbound Bali office has delivered their support in the form of basic food items, bottle packaged mineral waters and blankets.

Meanwhile Bali Prima Holidays, a Pacto Group enterpriseĀ specialising in Tailor Made travel, on August 14 th Ā also send the support by sending bottle packaged mineral water, basic food, tent and medicines, the most needed supplies following natural disasters.


Brought by both offices own team and vehicle and coordinating with theĀ  PactoĀ  team in Lombok, the aids have been received by our long term partner Bidy Tours in Lombok, who played an exceptionally great role in supporting the evacuation,Ā  and deliveredĀ  to each emergency posts.

Umberto Cadamuro, Chief Operating Officer of Pacto Ltd. Indonesia shared: ā€œFor this first delivery we have allocated support goods in the excess of 9,000Ā USD. Since in many parts of the island there is major need of further support, in line with our companyā€™s long standing practice of community support, we will keep organising further deliveries. We hope these initiatives
could be of little help to better the conditionsĀ of displaced familiesĀ in this difficult situation.ā€

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