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Pacto celebrates 45 years in operation

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Indonesian company Pacto Ltd is an icon of quality, service and stability. With its two major divisions – Travel Management Services (TMS) and Pacto Destination Management Company (DMC) – Pacto Ltd. represents Indonesia’s largest travel and destination management network.

Pacto credits the company’s continued success to the outstanding support and loyalty of their clients combined with the exemplary performance of Pacto’s partner suppliers in the travel industry. The recent TTG Asia Awards Night 2016 confirmed the company’s status as a market leader, awarding Pacto the “Best Travel Agent, Indonesia” for the 5th time in the past 8 years.

Pacto has come far from its beginnings in 1967. Starting off as a pioneer in the nascent tourism industry throughout Indonesia, over the last four decades Pacto continuously strove toward and successfully achieved its objectives; the company expanded to provide a full range of products and services for corporate, business and leisure travelers. Pacto’s tourism portfolio diversified throughout the Indonesian archipelago, with new destinations, properties and itineraries in Java and Lombok.

With its domestic goals attained, five years ago Pacto began assessing new and emerging markets. The company set fresh objectives, actively working toward a worldwide balance in market share extending throughout Europe, the Middle East, across Asia and through to Oceania. Pacto realized that robust and sustained growth in market share would be best supported by ensuring a broad anchoring across the globe. The strategy paid off as Pacto revenues show a corresponding increase of 400% over the five year period while the company saw a 200% increase in passengers.

As Pacto’s market expansion progressed, the company upgraded its IT systems to a state of the art B2B online reservation system with XML capability, including links to all partner systems. This efficient real-time system manages all land travel and hotel reservations, providing clients with direct access to real time availability. Pacto is the most technologically advanced company in the Indonesian market today.

While technological advancement is always a priority for Pacto, the company also established objectives for the development of sustainable eco tourism and corporate social responsibility. Protecting Indonesia’s marvelous environment and implementing poverty alleviation programs are part of the company’s commitment to CSR.

Complementing Pacto’s developments in technology, its tourism portfolio and conservation, the company’s team of motivated and experienced professionals remains its most important asset. Staff longevity is a Pacto hallmark; the current team has been with the company five years or more. Aware that maintaining the best human resources is of paramount importance, Pacto plans to further invest in staff and technological resource development as an effective way to address the current shortage of quality human resources in the market. The focus on human resource development enables Pacto to provide the highest level of service to each and every client, a clear factor in marking the company as an industry leader.

As Pacto approaches an impressive 50 years in the travel industry, the company plans to build further on its strong foundation. We have identified growth areas in the domestic outbound travel market, a result of the healthy economic climate in Indonesia as well as increased low cost carrier presence. The growing market of discerning travelers is another area of planned advancement. Pacto plans to serve this segment by focusing on adding suitable products to its portfolio, specifically with unique destinations off the beaten track, including destinations outside Bali. The company goal is solidify its place as the leading travel specialist in Indonesia.

The phenomenal growth Pacto has seen over the last 5 years is directly related to the flourishing affiliation with its clients and suppliers. On its 45th anniversary Pacto especially extends thanks and acknowledgement to their valued customers and industry partners. With their sustained trust in Pacto’s innovation, professionalism and commitment to quality, the company will certainly continue to achieve its mission and goals.

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